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We Will Be Open On Wednesday, November 22nd Until 6:00 PM
Orders Must Be Placed By Sunday November 19th
To Place an Order Please Call the Bakery at  215.248.9235

We will have signature menu items available as well

Chef Carl's
Savory Menu


Mushroom Bisque  
$6 Per Pint

Butternut Squash  
$6 Per Pint


Green Beans Almondine
10 Servings $30

Mashed Sweet Potatoes
10 Servings $30

Traditional Mashed Potatoes
10 Servings $30

Baby Green Salad
pecans, goat cheese, dry cranberries
12-15 Servings $40

Herb Stuffing
10 Servings $30

Turkey Gravy
$6 Per Pint

Cranberry Sauce
$7.50 Per Pint


Roasted Beef Tenderloin
-with horseradish sauce
Serves 12 $180

Maple Baked Salmon

Serves 10-12 $120

Turkey Breast
 Serves 10 $80

Quiche Lorraine or Spinach Parmesan 
 Serves 6-8 $24

night kitchen bakery's
Dessert Menu


9" Serves 6-8 People $28
*Carmel Apple Crumb
* Apple Crumble
*Cherry Crumble
*Chocolate Pecan
*Double Crust Apple
*Key Lime


7" Serves 6-8 People $26
10" Serves 10-12 People $42
*Cherry Crumble
*Blueberry Almond
*Chocolate Chess
*Chocolate Pecan
*Pear Almond


8" Serves 8-10 People $32
*Pumpkin Swirl
*Chocolate Chip


Pumpkin Pound
Medium $26
Large $35

Cranberry Almond
Medium $26
Large $35